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errand relief

Stretched Too Thin? Too busy or just don't wanna? I'll get it for you! If you need to free up some time, or clone yourself to get everything done, consider calling me to help out! ¡Se habla Español!



Are you an individual or small business team who needs capable, confidential personal assistance handling marketing copy, complex correspondence, bookkeeping, and your online presence?



I tailor your trip to the Monterey Peninsula based on your specific interests, needs, wants, budget, and amount of time in town. I’m knowledgeable and impartial - I work for you, not for a hotel.

details below. Launched August 1, 2019. Please check back for additional info and updates in progress. Thanks!

Types of Errand Relief

I can help you with

  • Driving (well-behaved) pets to vet appointments*

  • Pet-sitting, walking, beach running*

  • Paying your bills, reconciling your accounts

  • Helping you understand confusing legal, insurance, or other correspondence

  • Taking your car and waiting for car repairs, oil change, car wash

  • Driving kids to activities*

  • Light babysitting, can include tutoring (French, Spanish, Writing, and other)*

  • Proofreading / helping with business or personal correspondence

  • Translating (Spanish/English/French) documents

  • Event planning including mailing list, venue rental, invitations, catering, and followup

  • Gift-buying

  • Picking up dry cleaning, light groceries, items at local stores

  • Running miscellaneous errands

  • Making travel arrangements and other reservations

  • Picking up you mail

  • Picking up your takeout order

  • Locating hard-to-find items and collectibles

  • Listing your stuff for sale on craigslist

    * Any services with pets or kids require an initial meeting to assess and confirm everyone’s comfort level and compatibility.


Rates vary depending on complexity / travel time. Most range $25-$40 per hour or per task.
I accept cash, debit and credit cards, and business checks only.

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